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Truck & Equipment Repair

guy vestGuy Vest Local Truck & Equipment Repair Service offers tips and information when in need of a good mechanic he offers on site service &repair along with welding &Fabrication .

He also offers Paccar Parts Baldwin Filters and services Air cnditioning can be contacted @ 541-660-6445

Get referrals from family, friends and co-workers. Check the local Better Business Bureau for information on complaints filed, how many (if any) and the shop's record of resolving problems.

Visit the shop. Observe the cleanliness, lighting, organization and the condition of the equipment.
Investigate the mechanics' certification. Ask if they are certified and in what area. Mechanics may be certified by a car manufacturer or a general organization such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Look for a mechanic with valid credentials, proper training and experience working on your car model. Know if they are qualified to do different types of services such as electrical and brake systems. Some auto repair workers are only qualified to do oil changes.
Inquire about the types of customer service benefits the shop provides. Some may offer rental cars onsite, loaner cars or a shuttle to and from work while your car is being repaired. Ask if they have evening and weekend hours.
Pick a repair shop authorized to perform repairs under your warrenty Guy Vestif your car has one.
Establish a working relationship with the repair shop. The best time to pick a shop is before you need one. Preventive maintenance is less costly than repairing a major malfunction. Start with something "small" like an oil change or a check-up on one of your car's systems. Some shops offer free brake checks or free air conditioning system checks.
Compare pricing for general services such as brakes, air conditioning checks and tune-ups. These fees can vary widely, but they will give you an idea of whether the shop you're considering falls in the average price range. Consider chains as well as independently owned shops. Request references from satisfied customers.


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