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Islamic Hatred
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Racial, Religious Hatred and Islam
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For some time, I have noted an intensifying expression of racial, religious hatred being demonstrated by Moslems throughout the world. This is nothing new in the Middle East. Anti-Semitic expressions and activities have increased markedly in Europe in the recent past. It is more subtle in the United States at this time. This trend was recently accented at a conference in Malaysia where Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad made the absurd assertion, that the Jews rule the world. Since Moslems tend to blame their state of affairs on others (self pity), the "Jews" become a suitable target. Frequently, Moslem leaders idolize Hitler and plan to carry out what he started, except, they are planning for a complete success.

Expressions of anti-Semitism has been increasing in Europe over the past few years. Demonstrations, attacks on synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, and attacks on individuals are increasing. Over the past few decades, Europe has opened its doors to Moslem immigration. As a result, Moslems make up about 20% of France's population. Germany and England have somewhat smaller Moslem populations but they are growing at an alarming rate. Through force of intimidation, these nations are becoming increasing bound relative to foreign relations. Their large and potentially, violent Moslem minorities, along with the need for abundant and cheap oil, color every decision made by government officials in these countries.

The European Union (EU) recently initiated a study on anti-Semitism in Europe. When the report was completed the EU decided not to release it because of the "fear of offending European Muslims". Eventually, another group managed to release the study which showed that there are "an increasing number of anti-Semitic attacks, committed frequently by young Arabs/Muslims in most EU member countries" [a link to the controversial report can be found on our news Website—ed]. Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, writing for the Jerusalem Post, attributes this rise of anti-Semitism to an "increasingly blatant anti-Semitic Arab and Muslim media".

This same problem is evident in the United States. Relative to Europe, racist expressions has been bound due to the fact that Moslems still represents a relatively small minority here. An additional factor is the voice of Evangelical Christians who recognize Islam for what it is. Still it has had an increasing voice in this country due to the influence of trillions of petrodollars invested in strategic areas like banking and media (see our article "Conspiracy ... or Just Business?", Tzemach Letter, June-Jult 2001). If the leaders of this nation do not soon decide to deal with the reality of Islam, this nation will follow the pattern set in Europe.

In its "war on terrorism", the Bush administration tries to distinguish between radical terrorists and mainstream Moslems. Obviously, not all Moslems are terrorist but it does appear that the basic tenets of Islam provide the philosophical foundation for terrorism. In a recent article written by Yashiko Sagamori entitled "The Mythical Moderate Muslim", the point is developed that Islam is by its nature radical. He states, "What I do know however is that no religion except Islam pursues the idea of physical extermination of those who believe differently". Mr. Sagamori states further, "Jihad is the absolute monopoly of Muslims. There is no parallel to it in any other religion in the world", and "according to the Koran, holy war against the infidels is a sacred duty of every Muslim". Finally, Mr. Sagamori states the obvious concerning moderate Moslems in Israel, "Therefore, in Israel, a moderate Muslim is a dead Muslim, which is bad news for those who want us to believe that there is a peaceful solution to the continuing Arab war against Israel".

So we conclude that finding evidence of "moderate" Moslems is a difficult task. Where was the voice "moderate" Islam condemning the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington? Why was the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq by U.S. forces seen as a terrible, humiliating defeat by Moslems in Israel, a "black day"? Why are Arabs in Israel who are truly willing to live peaceably alongside of Israel counted as "collaborators" and are frequently murdered?

Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer, in a recent letter, demonstrated just how racist Islam is. He described a recent student election at the Bir Zeit University at Ram'Allah in Israel. In that election the Hamas party defeated the Fatah opponents. Mr. Bauer stated that the election "turned on who had killed more Jews! At a student debate, the Hamas candidate taunted his Fatah competitor by saying, 'Hamas activists in this university killed 135 Zionists. How many did Fatah activists . . . kill?'" We all remember the gruesome scene from Ram'Allah where young Moslems literally dismembered and ripped the internal organs from two unfortunate Israeli soldiers who had lost their way and mistakenly entered Ram'Allah. A Moslem mob celebrated in the street as the two Israelis were murdered and disemboweled.

The media in Moslem countries routinely publish editorial cartoons which incite their readers to violence against Israelis and Americans. We have included two examples from the Arab press. A continuous diet of such editorial cartoons conditions readers to violence.

The dirty, little secret is that Islam is racist. Neither the U.S. government, major media nor leading educational institutions would tolerate such racist views from any other group. Somehow, in Islam, it becomes acceptable. This type of activity is blinked at because it has become fashionable in this society for economic considerations to completely trump principles of morality. Can we imagine a major newspaper printing a sympathetic story about a KKK rally where known, hooded murderers called for the assassination of Jewish women and children? Indeed, if such a thing occurred, those guilty would be charged with a "hate" crime. I am not advocating the arrest of Moslems, but I am declaring that Americans had better awaken to the reality of the growing threat of Islam in communities all across the country.

[ Published: 07 January 2004 ]



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