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Grants Pass Tea Party

Grants Pass has some of the greatest patriots you will find

 any where in the country. Average hard working family's that love

 their country, family, and neighbors who want to be heard by

 their government and treated fairly. 

Unfortunately we are being governed by a bunch of

egotistical socialites that have no idea what America really

stands for or wants.   They have ideas of making

America into a lockstep zombie mental state and enslave

 our free spirit of working hard and being our own person

with the right to excel in what ever it is we decideto do. 

Oboma will be remembered in history as the great deceiver

that lied to us all to get elected and then exposed the worst

of our people that have lied and swindled the American people

by lies and deceit to get elected to government office. 

Now that we now who they are by following his ill advised

dreams of transforming America into a social welfare state

and third world state we are able to Vote them into retirement

Nov 2010 dont let this opportunity slip away these people should

never to be heard from again in fact we the people should be

 generous and give them all a one way ticket to any socialist

country of their choice and ban them all from ever returning.

Here are just a few images of some real God loving people

you will find in Grants Pass Oregon.

tea party 018

tea party 019

tea party 020

tea party 021

tea party 022

tea party 023

tea party 024

tea party 025

tea party 026

tea party 028

tea party 046


tea party 030


tea party 031


tea party 032


tea party 036


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tea party 045

tea party 047


tea party 048




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