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Dryer Vent Safty


Clothes Dryers need to "breathe"


to Operate;


Dryer Vent Cleaning opens the




When a dryer starts taking additional cycles to dry a load of laundry, this is a sure sign of restricted airflow

It is not normal for an older dryer to take several cycles to properly dry clothes. Many people think this is a sign that their clothes dryer is worn out; rarely is this the case. According to SMOKEYS STOVES LLC, a company specializing in all dryer venting and dryer exhaust issues, dryer vent cleaning cures most problems with dryers that are not performing efficiently.

SMOKEYS Dryer Vent technicians explain to all of their customers how most of the lint trapped in the ductwork will not make it to the vent outside. Eventually, it builds up, trapping the heat and moisture that your dryer is working to remove from your wet laundry. As heat builds up in the dryer duct which is clogged with highly combustible lint a fire can start, with the dryer lint being perfect fuel for the fire. This is why annual dryer vent cleaning is recommended.

With over 15,000 clothes dryer fires reported each year, SMOKEYS is working extra hard to promote consumer awareness on dryer fire prevention. SMOKEYS has spread the word stressing the importance of dryer vent cleaning and proper maintenance to prevent fires and help save energy.

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Dryer vents should be checked often and cleaned yearly to avoid problems, fires and keeping your enrgy bills down call Smokeys Stoves 541-476-2174 and have your vent cleaned and inspected today. 



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